The Chemex system was developed by chemist Peter Schlumbohn in 1941 to achieve a single result, to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. The Chemex method is the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean. An adequate extraction at 88 94 degrees Celsius and the use of its special filters leave the bitter remains in the coffee grounds, and not in the



  • Unfold the paper filter and place it in the Chemex
  • Moisten the filter and the Chemex with boiling water
  • Pour the ground coffee into the filter (the weight / volume will be determined by your recipe) we recommend 50gr of coffee per 700gr of water
  • Pour water gently with circular movements from the center outwards, covering the coffee and wait 45 seconds, then perform the same procedure with 200gr of water at a time until you get the infusion with 700gr of water.
  • Let stand a few seconds and serve.
    Written by Vladimir Suarez