Pour Over V60

Experts say that the essence of a perfect cup of coffee is in the preparation method and the V60 drip cone really manages to make a beautiful extraction. The V60 method specially designed to obtain the best extraction, the conical shape and the inner ribs allow the coffee to expand releasing the excess air and the liquid to flow towards the center slowly, extending the infusion time.




  • Put 600ml of water to boil
  • Grind 30 grams of coffee (3 tablespoons) to obtain a thickness similar to that of sea salt.
  • For the preparation, we recommend 23gr of coffee for every 350ml of water
  • Put the paper filter in the V60 and moisten with boiling water and discard the water
  • Add the ground coffee in the V60
  • We will make 4 spills in time intervals
  • Start pouring water (60ml) slowly (approximately 15 seconds) over the coffee, starting at the outer edge and moving in a constant spiral towards the center
  • Let stand for 30 seconds and then pour 90ml more water covering all the coffee
  • Pour an additional 100gr of water using the same pattern to obtain a perfect infusion and then the remaining 100gr.
  • Let stand, air and serve.
    Written by Vladimir Suarez