Lovla Cafe - Panama

It took us years and thousands of cups of coffee to confirm that we have in Panama the best coffee in the world!We partnered with a local coffee farm in the Boquete Region with the plan to bring our direct- trade coffee to the next level. The future of coffee is paying workers a fair salary, giving them a decent job and having a positive impact on the environment and their Community. This is LOVLA, we are committed to invest 100% of our profits for reforestation projects in Panama via our Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Lovla is a Coffeeshop of exclusive panamanian coffee inside CASA Suarez in Panamá City. We have created a space where you will feel like home... or better.

We have a Deli Menu with varieties for all cravings, desserts and delicious artisanal ice creams. 

“We say we have the best coffee, come check it out yourself”


Our Coffee


Our famous Coffee grows alongside the pristine waters of the Caldera River in the Bajo Mono Canyon.

The altitude of the plantations ranges from 1400meters to 1550 meters above sea level.  Bajo Mono is known amongst the best regions for growing exquisite quality coffees.

This Region is blessed with volcanic soil due to the proximity to Barú Volcano, Crystal clear spring water fountains and the famous mist called “Bajareque”, forming one of the many microclimates that make the region famous for specialty coffee growing. And that’s the quality of coffee that you will enjoy at Lovla, variety of arabic beans like Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Yellow Catuai and Geisha.

Our coffee is processed in an Eco Mill with a very limited use of water in order to contribute to the environment, always aiming for a cup of excellence in all the coffees we process.Part of our production is processed as Naturals. The coffee-cherries are hand selected and carefully sun dried on beds. We are proud to sell to our customers an eco friendly Coffee harvested with dignity.